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This is a list of YouTube videos to help you teach and learn about archaeology and ancient civilizations. This list derives from my course, “Roots of Civilizations,” and generally follows the syllabus for that course. I generally show an excerpt from one or more of these videos at the start of each class as we progress through the semester. I’ve arranged this list topically in the same order as the general subjects covered in my class. There is a definite narrative arc to the order of the videos, and I recommend that you watch them in the order arranged. This is a “living” list, however, and will be updated over time as I update my course.

One final disclaimer: I am neither the content creator nor copyright holder of any of these videos. Nor do I take any responsibility for the content therein. These are simply videos that I’ve found on YouTube that fit topically with the subject matter of my course.

1) Introduction to Archaeology

2) Hunting, Gathering, and the Paleolithic

3) Plant and Animal Domestication and the Neolithic

4) Roots of Civilizations - Classic Case Studies.

5) Civilizations, Sustainability, and “Collapse”

6) Where do We Go From Here? Looking at the Past and Thinking About the Future.

Great YouTube Channels for Original Archaeology and Science Content

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